A 6 step guide to getting more out of life

We have the same number of hours in the day as Beyoncé or Elon Musk. Yet why does it seem like we’re always running behind on our to-do list or pushing chores until the next day or the next weekend. These simple, life-altering tips will set you up on the path to achieving more:

Start early. Slay. Repeat.

How many of us open up our favourite social media, the first thing after we open our eyes? That dopamine kick and we are awake. Right? If you were to ask Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, his first task of the day, the answer would be “wear my running shoes.” Morning energy is too precious to waste on screen-time, so advise leading life coaches and fitness gurus. You rather channel that towards a 15-min breathing routine and exercise, followed by a big cup of lemon water, with some hearty wholesome breakfast. Checking your emails or Instagram-stalking can commence much later.

Start early. Slay. Repeat.

Be wise. Prioritize.

Do you know the difference between what is urgent and what is important? A lot of us don’t. Thanks to that, we try to squeeze in 20 things on our must-do-for-the-day list even when we know it’s unrealistic. Focus on 4 or even 5 key goals to accomplish during the day, and if you get those done, you can consider your day a win (yay!). You are at your productive best in 90-minute intervals, so ensure you prioritize similar tasks in one bundle of time – like making your phone calls together or scheduling all meetings back-to-back.

Be wise. Prioritize.

Food for thought, anyone?

This is our favourite part. As a brand that is solely envisioned to bring wholesome goodness to your kitchens and tables, we know how important it is to stay on point in your fiber, vitamin and mineral game to keep the brain running, muscles working overtime and generally staying upbeat and energetic all day. Did you know the zinc inside a handful of pumpkin seeds can boost your brain power every day? Imagine the difference it would make if you could pop a few of those into your morning smoothie. Constantly cut down on junk. If you feel a case of the munchies, grab something healthy, like our baked coconut chips.

Food for thought

Gotta say no.

We are all suckers for saying yes. Who wants an awkward conversation, right? At work, as much as at home, we force ourselves to say yes, when every bone in our body wants to say no. Why? Fear of rejection? Obsession to be liked all the time? By mustering a little bit of courage and confidence, we can avoid a whole of lot resentfulness, and free up a whole lot of time to do more with. In the famous words of Jeff Bezos himself – “Disagree and commit."

Gotta say no

Get a hobby hack.

Are you listing “sleeping” or “watching sitcoms” as a hobby on your resume? It’s time to crawl out from under that rock and smarten up. The secret to getting more out of your hobby is to not have just one, but three. First that makes money, second that makes you fit, and third that makes you creative.


Keep calm and delegate.

Report due? DIY. Party to plan? DIY. Friend needs a pick-up? DIY.

Why are we so afraid to seek help when we know we need it? Asking for help is not a sign of weakness. Rather, it is an indication that you know your limitations and are willing to overcome it. By delegating work, you are making much-needed time for self-care, invariably getting more out of your set hours. Apple’s CEO Tim Cook admits that delegating, instead of micromanaging makes him a better multi-tasker. Be it family or at work, don’t shy away from seeking assistance. Gradually, it will cause a shift in mindset and you will see a huge difference in the way you go about your tasks.


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