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Oats Laddoos

Posted by By Nature on
Oats Laddoos

Laddu or laddoo, is a sphere-shaped sweet originating from the Indian subcontinent. The name originated from the Sanskrit word Lattika.

This traditional India sweet is made extremely nutritious and much more delicious by using By Nature Rolled Oats.

Recipe By: Chef Vibhor Rastogi


Rolled oats
150 g
150 g
40 g
40 g
20 g
20 g
Dessicated coconut (Optional)
to roll laddoo



Roast the oats in a pan or in the oven and grind to a rough meal.


Soak the figs in warm water for 30 minutes and chop finely.


De-seed the dates and put in blender and churn till a fine paste is achieved.


Put the oats meal, walnuts, almonds and cashewnut in the blender and churn till they form a rough meal.


Take this mix out in a large bowl and add date paste and chopped figs to it and form a dough.


Divide into 10 equal portions and shape into laddoos.


Roll the laddoos in dessicated coconut.

Store refrigerated.

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